13 November 2009


1. Hydrocotyle is creeping plant and usually likes applied for fresh vegetable ( food penyerta sambal), this plant usually grows in rice field area and grows by itself without having to is planted beforehand, form of its(the leaf is little almost looks like kangkung.
2. Asem is plant that is likely as according to its(the name is asem, this plant has two types, that is acid with a real big tree and height of can be reach flogging meter, and acid which its(the tree only was maximum stick and height only reaches one meter. Fruit of asem (acid) this many applied as kitchen flavor, cosmetic and deodorize body.
3. Amaryllis is plant which its form like onion and likes made [by] ripe flavor, its form conspecific of corm, ahead sometimes likes applied to stick on at beat making, leaf looks like screw pine leaf and grows in damp area and grows by itself, but now amaryllis have been conducting.
4. Balakacida, this plant named balakacida because its form like coppice, this plant often applied to cure hurt for example cuted, with this plant , hurt would quickly drought, form of this plant looks like prosperity tree ( mount) at puppets with its(the leaf side is jagged, growth zone usually in brush wood, consists with bush.
5. Beluntas is liking plant applied for quickset, looks like bidara and has special quality to deodorize body by the way of soaking its(the leaf with temperature water, after cool then is drinked, and late drug of month.
6. Bengkuang is plant looking like corm with white its contents, grows in damp area by itself, now applied for face skin bleaching cosmetic, ahead applied for rujak.
7. Bencoy is conspecific fruit plant of ménténg with red its contents and likely asem, form of physical of like marble.
8. Bonteng is plant creeps with conspecific long fruit of watermelon, applied for fresh vegetable and vegetable as well as skin freshener cosmetic.
9. Chickpea is conspecific fruit plant of similar legume kapri with tree creeps usually applied for vegetable.
10. Calingcing is fruit plant which the taste is very acid, by bearing fruit like grape; wine which form of its(the tree is big, bears fruit starting from tree rootstock, applied for ripe flavor of substitution asem. Now have been produced to become candy.
11. Cangkudu ( mengkudu) be big its form plant equal to fist of hand with fruit which like having leaf bud scale and its(the mengkudu is delicious is eaten after steamed. Recently mengkudu hardly causes a commotion that is considered to be multipurpose fruit because can heal various diseases, and now have been produced by apotek in the form of capsule with expensive relative price.
12. Cariu is fruit plant looking like jengkol, with form of gepeng and usually eaten by new woman borne with bitter taste of vulgar, its form very small like peppermint.
13. Cécéndét is fruit plant which form of its (the fruit like small marble and beloved, and root of it’s (the tree is hardly good to back ache, by the way of braising root then is drinked it’s (the water.
14. Dadap is in the form of liking tree used to shelter tea tree.
15. É céng goitre is plant growing in water or pool which good for place of sheltering fish with puffy bar like balloon.
16. É més is plant creeping with form of like long pentagon liked applied for vegetable and hardly good to digestion because containing fibre. Grows in medium area.
17. Crank is leaf plant applied for vegetable, grows in cool area like Lembang.
18. Gadung is corms plant like talas but growing of creeping, its (the corm is poisonous if direct is eaten, can be eaten if it is soaked in river which it’s (the water flowing during 6 last month is made food like flaky.
19. Ganyong is plant which its form approximant looks like talas but its (the difference form of it’s (the corm present integer there are many made [by] food like flaky.
20. Golodog panto is plant fruit of mundu with elm and edible but likely fairly not delicious.
21. Gunda is plant growing in rice field area growing by itself with form of handle like papaw tree, its (the leaf is lamellar hiris with fruit of looking like mengkudu or cangkudu.
22. Hangasa is plant looking like honjé with fruit of is in the form of bydm soriyt below (under tree comes near soil; land; ground the taste is acid.
23. Hanjuang plant which it’s (the leaf looking like screw pine but rather big and wide with rather reddish color applied to wrap bean.
24. Divisible Haréndong two that is haréndong gedé and haréndong leutik, its form looking like terong which the taste is sweet usually many met in damp area.
25. Hiris is legume plant which it’s (the tree can exceed 2 meter to like used for karedok or called as also ketoprak.
26. Jaat creeping plant looks like string bean but its form like belimbing and usually at public applied for fresh vegetable that is the taste is delicious.
27. Jambe is plant of the same nation palm which it’s (the fruit used for melambar (nyeupah) and usually tree trunk jambe used for capture or climbs areca in event of toning up independence red-letter day.
28. Jamlang plant which its (the fruit integer that is the taste is abusive mix beloved and if (when matured of its (the color becomes squeezing is black usually applied for flavor sambal.
29. Distance is plant looking like kaliki its (the leaf is commonly use for maturation of usual fruit buried or in its (the Sudanese in empos.
30. Jawér kotok is plant which its (the clump and foliage color is ordinary wine-colored at Sunda public used as drug, form of leaf jawér kotok like jawér chicken.
31. Jéngkol is usual plant used as lauk to eat at Sunda public and in it poisonous which able to result pain to urinate (jéngkoleun ).
32. Jonghé be plant that is usually is found in rice field causeway and grows x’self usually is used fresh vegetable.
33. Kahitutan is plant which if (when its (the leaf in breaking can generate aroma like aroma kentut.
34. Kanyéré is plant which it’s (the fruit there are directed leaf hilt its form integer equal to fruit of centé usualy is used children as bullet.
35. Karuk is flower fruit of jambu stone.
36. Kaso is plant looking like grass but very height looks like trubus and it’s (the flower looking like sugar cane.
37. Kawung is sugar palm tree which a lot of its(the usefulness, its form is palm, result from tree kawung is sugar kawung, fibre of palm tree, leaf and fruit of kolang-kaling, puts ash bar kawung can be made for cosmetic, to whiten skin.
38. Cinnamon is plant containing sweet gist; sari like saga, its (the root is usually used for sprue drug.
39. Kelewek is seed picung which in the form of plant having seed to poisonous, but if have been processed can to be eaten, used as lauk.
40. Kelewih is tangkal having fruit like bread-fruit but kelewih has scale, kelewih which still be young usually is used fresh vegetable like young jackfruit, and old kelewih usually likes taken its(the scale for diolah.
41. Kérsen is plant which its (the fruit is little which the taste is beloved, usualy is found in area is being.
42. Kesemek is fruit plant, which it’s (the fruit is delicious to be eaten like before matured soaked in water apu, grows in cool place, example of in area Garut.
43. Kiara is sycamore tree wishes but its (the leaf more widely and its (the leaf is rather firm.
44. Famous is sycamore loa, its (the fruit is usually is used keen drug, its (the color is rather yellow its form like quill.
45. Koneng is root plant which likes laja, likes applied for ripe flavor or drug maag, and still many again.
46. Coffee likes fruit plant applied [by] beverage profit, coffee seed poisonous in the form of caffeine, and having special quality to eliminate sleepiness taste.
47. Kopo is conspecific tree of jambu water, it’s (the leaf which still be young liked used for friend sambal.
48. Yoke is plant creeps like waluh white color with interest and its (the fruit is in the form of like jar, and there is also is length, yoke which still be young can be made vegetable.
49. Moustache ucing is plant having interest looking like catkin, can be used for kidney drug.
50. Key is plant in the form of usual turmeric liked burnt, which also able to food flavor that is the taste is beloved.
51. Protactinium is fruit plant which form of its (the fruit is circular equal to marble, if (when matured of its (the color is rather to purples, the taste is acid beloved.
52. Laja is plant in the form of root like turmeric; likes used for food flavor, drug for skin disease for example mange.
53. Lampuyang is conspecific plant of jahé is liking used for child herb (brainwashed).
54. Limus is conspecific fruit plant of mango has many fibers.
55. Loa is plant which like beunying, its (the fruit is delicious is eaten.
56. Lobbys is plant which its (the fruit is domed like kereleng, red fruit color if (when matured the taste is acid, likes made [by] candy or cellé.
57. Papyrus is conspecific plant of palm, which at away back its (the leaf is often used to write.
58. Malaka is fruit plant which its (the fruit is globular looks like lobbys, its (the color young green, the taste is vulgar, but if (when always is munched to become beloved.
59. Manggu is fruit plant which its (the fruit is black, its (the seed is white and very beloved. It’s (the big tree.
60. Marasi is plant like marcot with a real fruit beloved.
61. Ménténg is white bencoy.
62. Muncang is seed plant looking like canary, likes used [by] cookery flavor and oleaginous.
63. Namnam is plant which its (the fruit grows in tree rootstock; the taste is sweet and now have been made candy.
64. Pariah is plant creeping like gourd, the taste is bitter but delicious is eaten, its (the skin like carved, grows in medium area.
65. Patrawalik is leaf plant that is the taste is bitter, usually is applied dissociates child so that milk didn’t again, by the way of rubber patrawalik is numbed with cream to nipple the mother.
66. Pedes is tumbuahan like seureuh, it’s (the fruit likes used for ripe flavor.
67. Peuteuy is fruit plant looking like jéngkol but long like string bean, its (the aroma not delicate but delicious eaten as fresh vegetable.
68. Pohpohan is plant in the form of fresh vegetable with open handle and has my buku-bu; delicious is eaten with pepes pie.
69. Putat is plant in the form of handle that is likely rather as of coquette, used for fresh vegetable.
70. Rendang is fruit plant which form of its (the handle like stick and form of it’s (the fruit equal to marble, if (when matured of its (the color is red and the taste is sour but can make fresh.
71. Roay is plant creeps in the form of bean and plenty (of).
72. Saga is plant which its (the fruit equal to it’s (the color quinine tablet is red, likes fried and likely as of bean taste.
73. Celery is leaf plant that is often applied for ripe flavor, height of at the most 30 cm and grows in cool area.
74. Saliara is leaf plant growing by it, forms clump.
75. Samanggén is surawung.
76. Seureuh is creeping leaf plant and often applied for nyisig, nyepah, ngalambar, also for eye pain drug with sediment of its(the leaf.
77. Sirsak is fruit plant which its (the fruit looking like jackfruit but its contents is having color delicious and is white is eaten, and which still be young delicious is eaten after steamed.
78. Bread-fruit is fruit plant looking like kelewih; its contents can be made flaky
79. Surawung liking leaf plant used [by] fresh vegetable also is used ripe flavor and contains warmness taste.
80. Suweng is fruit plant looking like talas and delicious is eaten.
81. Tagoni is leaf plant looking like cassava but rather wide and doesn’t have corm, its (the perahan water is hardly good to temperature disease.
82. Taleus is plant having its (the corm and top leaf water proof.
83. Tangkil is fruit plant which commonly uses to make vegetable asem, the taste is very fresh.
84. Terong is fruit plant which it’s (the fruit purple can be eaten with sambal as fresh vegetable.
85. Teureup is fruit plant which its (the fruit is alike kelewih its (the seed is delicious is eaten after braised, rubber from teureup ahead applied to catch sparrow in rice field.
86. Tiwu is bar plant looking like bamboo but containing, the taste is beloved, be making base goods of white sugar.
87. Turubus is conspecific bar plant of sugar cane but its form smaller and likes applied for soup vegetable.
88. Waluh siyem is fruit plant which we recognize as gourd syam and very super-duper for vegetable.

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