28 November 2009

Haaarr !!???

Saya dapatin berita ini dari email Adsense Gallery. Email tersebut memberitahukan bahwa ada yang namanaya Russel Brunson sedang melakukan $100 Million Dollar (US) (wah kalo dirupihakan berapa yah mumpung rupiah meroket).
bagi kita orang indonesia susah untuk mengikutinya soalnya kalo loe mau ikutan yah musti presentasi di Anaheim, California dan hadiahnya berupa mobil mewah diserahkannya di sana (wah tambah mustahil khan bisa menaang hehehe.)
Tapi ngak usah cemberut dulu walau kita (wong deso ini) ngk bisa ikutan, karena Russel Brunson perlu banyak orang buat nyebarin kontes ini dan dia bersedia bayar loe untuk setiap orang yg loe bawa.. nah gampangkann??? (ngk dapat mobil yah nga papa yang penting dollarnya).
Hayo daftar di sini sekarang
Contest $ 100 Million
Nanti setelah loe udah daftar, loe dibawa ke Affiliate Information, loe akan dapatkan link afiliasi dan berapa yg sudah mendaftar di bawah loe.
Di sebelah kanannya ada Step #1, klik “Clik Here to Update your Account Now”. Lengkapi data loe di sana, termasuk email paypal untuk ngebayar loe.
Gampang khan hayo segera daftar disini sekarang Contest $ 100 Million mumpung masih buka ampe tgl 3 Februari 2009.

Bussines blogging ??

Many large and small businesses alike have recently discovered the great advantages of blogging in maintaining good communication relationships with both employees and customers. It is obvious that for some people, blogs have become a means of sharing information and expertise at very advanced levels and this can only mean increased profit for the company. It is a common knowledge by now that small businesses profit the most from blogging. Why? Because a highly specific web page such as a blog, successfully substitutes an extensive online presence. Instead of a static page, you offer a very dynamic blog where feed-back is encouraged and various issues get tackled with.
Many Internet experts consider blogs a very informal, yet popular way of developing business contacts, since, the informational content receives a different approach than in the case of classic promotion sites. Business owners can definitely enjoy great recommendations from users, but there are also dissatisfied customers who could review the products or services unfavorably. You’ll have to be prepared to handle such situations with the utmost diplomacy in order to avoid a worsening of the situation. On the other hand, a business blog provides the opportunity to run market research and avoid hiring employees that don’t fit requirements.
Business blogs also function as the right tool to spread news to all the employees at once; this kind of blog application is usually preferred by larger companies who can reach the staff in a more comfortable way and on a daily basis. Statistics claim that blogging significantly contributes to team building and communication between the departments of the same company; hence, there has been an increased preference for blogging over newsletters. Nevertheless, we also have to mention the more difficult aspects of business blogging as well.
For instance, maintaining an updated blog requires quite a lot of time and work, it may even be necessary to have someone perform all the operations on a regular basis. Then, the e-commerce possibilities are fewer when it comes to using a blog over a regular site; you may find it very advantageous to start blogging when you just initiate your business online, but then, you may choose to use it in parallel with a regular promotion site, once things get to look brighter. If at the beginning you take advantage of the minimal costs required by a business blog, later you need to monitor efficiency first and foremost.

Blogging tools !!

Due to the extended dimensions that the blogging phenomenon has achieved, one can hardly image the richness of tools that bloggers may use to improve the performance of their pages in the web circuit. What tools should one look for? First of all you need to select a specific platform to set up for the blog, then other tools complete the picture in case you want to include photos or videos. Last but not least, you definitely need some special software to allow you to easily moderate the comments and fight unwanted mails, labeled as spam.
Let’s take a look at the way some tools can help you post entries on the blog with the help of the platforms. Due to the wide variety of available software, format may vary, nevertheless the working principle is the same: type the title and the text you want to accompany it in the platform. Not all tools provide italics, bold and large font sizes, and you may have to get this by using HTML in order to achieve the desired results. In case you have to copy-paste Microsoft Word text, you need to check whether the blogging platform allows it without interference with RSS feeds.
In order to upload videos and pictures on the blog we have to mention Adobe Photoshop as one of the best tools here; yet, you may have to resize the images in order to make them easy to download by visitors. Furthermore, such tools enable you to align the photos in the way that matches your entry best. Embed multimedia files are also widely used by bloggers, mainly with the help of third-hand utilities like those offered by YouTube. All you have to do is include a JavaScript in the posts in order to allow the blog users to access the photo or video files you upload.
The RSS support may also prove crucial for the success of a blog, particularly since most Internet users are mainly concerned with accessing blog content via RSS feeds. You can find a variety of RSS formats available, not to mention that most tools include some sort of RSS help. To make sure you really get what you want, and the blog looks professional to the targeted audience, it is advisable that you should check the RSS formats a special software offers before actually purchasing or installing it.

Are blogging provfitable ??

For anyone eager to make some extra money, the Internet is probably the richest source of business opportunities, and blogging is one such great chance to generate income with low costs and little effort. How is that possible? At the beginning blogging started as the modern online diary, but it evolved towards new forms that presently provide both personal expression and money making advantages. Let’s take a look at two main ways to turn a blog into a home-business. The starting point for any online commercial action is the creation of a highly interesting web page.

Anyone running some form of business that could benefit from online promotion may choose blogging as a great form of advertising. A blog targets a special audience segment: those people interested in the products and services you offer. A blogger should therefore create a highly specific web page with content that is relevant for his or her field of activity. There may be references to the promoted products, or just links to them. Most business owners who take advantage of the profit blogging brings, choose to include various options on the pages.

First and foremost, you have to make web search possible directly from your blog; hence, you’ll need to use one of the Google programs that enables such facilities. Then, any blog visitor should have a minimum degree of independence once he or she has accessed your site, meaning that they should be allowed to perform actions: download pictures, documents and files, post comments or simply subscribe for regular updates. In order to make blogging profitable, try to keep a close watch over the traffic the blog receives, and constantly monitor how well it appears in search engine rankings.

Last but not least, blogging is also profitable for those who don’t have a business to promote: you may actually make money by allowing ads and banners related to your domain appear on the site. By the intermediary of the Google advertising programs, Adwords and Adsense, you will be paid for each click a visitor makes on a specific ad, or every time somebody performs a certain action on the blog. You’ll just have to follow the Google Adwords or Adsense instructions and apply them to the blog pages; the best way to generate revenue under such circumstances is to make sure your blog appears on the first result page of the search engines.

The advantages of having a blog

Why do some create blogs and why do others read them? This is actually a ten points question since its answer covers the very working principle behind the entire phenomenon. First of all, we are not far from the truth when saying that bloggers are very much like journalists or columnists, and that the material we find on blogs is very often much more interesting than that in the media thanks to the personal touch writers include in their articles. Furthermore we cannot ignore the interactive dimension of blogs, which is probably the greatest advantage in itself: comment boxes for instant responses, links to documented materials, videos and pictures turn the blog into a magic puzzle.

Blogging is trendy: no comment to that! Not only is it popular with people of all ages but it also makes one feel like blending in. You get an idea of what people appreciate in your writing, you get to comment and actually live some events of public interest, and you have the chance to speak up your mind. Everything you post on the blog, every piece of original material is achieved and easily accessible when you need it; many would-be writers actually take blogging very seriously since they are offered the opportunity of getting things into print without the intermediary of another publication.

Many blogs offer the advantage of a debate area where you’ll find all sorts of opinions: don’t get angry if the feed-back is not always the one you’ve hoped for, points of view are personal and they should not hurt feelings. It’s within your power to take things like that. Then, we should also mention the popularity and promotion advantages that are specific to a blog; just like niches, small business blogs create the proper environment for the easy reach of targeted Internet users.

Many business owners have discovered that blogs are the perfect way to regularly keep in touch with customers and even employees, since these web pages function as online journals that are very frequently updated. The advantage that blogs clearly have above other sites is that they express something peculiar in the most active or dynamic of ways whereas the other “classic” web sites are definitely static. Without any shade of a doubt the voice of the writer is the element that makes a blog unique and interesting at the same time!

Getting a blogging job ( ngblog jadi padamelan )

The blogging phenomenon has reached such dimensions that presently it has gained prominence on a market where competition is anything but mild. This is how it came that business owners actually hire people to optimize blogs and keep a close watch over what happens on the web; companies that use blogs to make the relationship with clients and employees more informal and efficient are usually the ones in need of finding people for blogging jobs. After all, it takes quite some time to update fresh materials, answer comments and post opinions. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to turn blogging into some form of home business.

If you could make enough money to live decently, I’m sure you’d like to stay home in front of the computer instead of commuting every day to the other side of the city. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that income keeps coming without any effort on the blgger’s part; on the contrary, to make a blog profitable, you need perseverance, knowledge in the field, adequate software and a lot of time. Let’s take the simple case of search engine optimization – what we shortly call SEO. Finding the right keywords to incorporate in the blog content is probably the first corner stone in the business.

What are the qualities of someone who blogs for a living? First of all, you need full knowledge of how search engines operate in combination with an advertising program: Adsense or Adwords, preferably. Then, you should be able to make a serious selection of the keywords and understand the way you have to bid for them: the keywords highest in demand are also the most expensive ones. You have to be able to identify those keywords that become inactive or that have a very low return on investment rate, and thus be able to get them back in use or replace them with new functional ones.

Working as a blogger also implies Internet marketing and e-commerce solid knowledge. It is true that the general rules of traditional marketing apply here as well, but we cannot ignore the fact that the web is a different market with specific rules and laws of action. There are all sorts of marketing tools you may find available on various sites, and you should not ignore their importance, particularly since products and services promoted via blogs depend on advanced advertising techniques.

Getting quality content for your blog( ngadamel blog supados berkualitas )

All Internet marketing guides stress the importance of using only quality content for the blog pages, yet, the question remains: how can one decide which is good content and which not? I simply suggest that we start from the very nature of the blog: a highly informational and personal site which tackles with subjects in a specific domain. Hence, when designing the blog, don’t make it too complex, stick to the simple structures that allow users to perform actions easily on the page. The frame should also be very simple and the eventual ads and links need to naturally blend in the content of the blog as such. Web design provides the great advantage of using similar fonts and formats, so that only some elements on the page should stand out.

Furthermore, you may have learned by now that you need to create the site content around some high-in-demand keywords that users type in the search box of the engine. The more the keywords, the higher the chances to have your blog appear in the first result pages. However, many bloggers understand keyword density the wrong way. The blog content should naturally include the keywords in an easy-to-read kind of way; a keyword density that goes higher than 2 or 3% could make the articles less appealing to the reader.

There are some tips you may consider when creating quality content for a blog. First of all, regardless of the domain and the target audience, it should be reader-friendly and even reader-oriented if it be the case. This means that even when you deal with a scientific topic, you can still keep the reader’s attention vivid since not everybody who visits your blog has a professional cultural background. Write everything in short or medium-sized paragraphs so that the information naturally flows without being hard to track in case of an interruption.

Statistics show that blogs that include links in the very article content are more successful than those who present links at the bottom of the page for instance. Inserted links allow the reader to get a puzzle-explanation of a concept or provide the opportunity to show interest for specific products or services. Furthermore, the blogs that make a happy combination of written content, pictures and videos are considered a lot more appealing to the average Internet user, and thus receive a lot more traffic. The key to being successful within the blogging system is definitely the continuous adaptation to the requests of the market.

Optimizing your blog for search engines

Competition is fierce online, and the top places on the search result pages are the most hunted for; therefore, any blog owner who tries to make money on the Internet needs to use a whole strategy to attract the best visitors and the highest traffic. The working principle for the blog optimization for search engines is the keyword. When you start the race for SEO (search engine optimization), you already have an advantage: blogs are usually the ones to receive more traffic then other complex sites due to their highly informational content. By keywords we mean those sentences or structures that a user types in the search box of an engine.

Blogs mainly rely on articles that are regularly updated and re-freshened, so that they have something new to offer all the time. Before you write the blog content, you’ll need to make a list with all the keywords related to your domain and which are most likely to be typed in the search box by Internet users. A brain-storming session is ideal to find the best structures you need to include in the articles; keep in mind that there are some rules you may have to follow here as well.

For instance, choosing some very general keywords is not the best way to promote a business via a blog given the fact that though you may receive a high traffic, the profit could remain modest. The explanation is very simple here: too broad terms attract all sorts of users, even those that are not interested in purchasing something. SEO experts use all sorts of parameters to check the profitability of a blog, and one of them deals precisely with the number of relevant users the web-page gets.

Once you manage to get the most high-in-demand keywords, you’ll still have to do a lot of work in order to keep the blog position high in traffic. The status of keywords may change from one day to the other, given the intense competition that characterizes the Internet in general; consequently, every time you update or change the site content, you need to perform a keyword analysis beforehand and see where they stand in rankings. Last but not least, there is one thing that remains the golden rule of search engine optimization: quality informational content, that should be the essence of any successful blog!

Blogging (ngeblog)

Once the secret of blogging was out, the interest in special tips and tricks to make it profitable soon knew a remarkable upsurge. The 101 revealed secrets for highly profitable blogs has actually become a common notion online, since the competition is tight, and achieving good blog traffic becomes crucial for the survival online. If you make a top ten list of the best ways to improve traffic and you simply post it on your blog, you could soon realize there are plenty of people who take it as a rule of the thumb and pass it on like a hot potato.

One such blogging 101 trick is to get links or profiles on very popular websites that have already got a great name in the business. How can you convince them to accept your request? Well, sometimes it pretty much depends on good fortune, but usually, you’ll have to email them an intention letter with a detail description of your blog. It would probably be a good idea if you looked for some online marketing tips before presenting the hot features of your web page. Don’t worry if you don’t get results from the first attempts, try with others, since once you get a link on their site, your blog will profit immensely.

We cannot avoid mentioning the fact that there are all sorts of “hidden” tricks that are nevertheless used to attract traffic and increase rankings. For instance, blog popularity often comes when links to your pages are added multiple times on other sites, not to mention that the creation of a large number of accounts also leads to a higher ranking thanks to the bonus points that are usually offered in return. Some bloggers have used innovative, yet doubtful, methods, such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft site purchase to increase their traffic and the list of examples could easily go on.

In order to spread the word about your blog, you can always turn to RSS; this is probably one of the best ways to make a special intro for a new blog on the web. Most blog services are also RSS feed generators, in case you lack this tool, you can always turn to FeedForAll software to create the feeds. A site such as www.feedforall.com will definitely be a good starting point for a novice of the blogging adventure, since, presently the RSS is the best means of making your blog popular.

How to make money blogging ? (punten yeuh nganggo araringgis) Rada matre

There are two ways of making money blogging, one more profitable than the other. First of all, small business owners find a great advantage in the use of blogs that provide rich informational content and the opportunity for great marketing promotions. But let’s take a look at how you can turn blogging into a profitable activity. There are two possibilities: you either get paid for allowing other business owners to advertise on your site or you can include the blog in one of the many affiliate programs that enjoy such a popularity on the Internet nowadays.

In case you choose to exploit the advertising potential of your blog, the best program to work with is Google Adsense; you’ll get paid every time an ad on your site gets clicked, regardless of whether this action converts into profit or not. The logical question that may rise here is: how can you get more clicks for the ads on the blog? Don’t think about clicking your own ads to make some more money; fraud clicks are a very hot subject in the business, and Google teams are very efficient at identifying them. Such dishonest practice could cost you dearly if you dare to use it.

You can increase the profitability of the ads on your blog by taking advertising into consideration when you design the site. For instance, the fonts and colors used for the ads should be only slightly different from the rest of the page, without standing out. Why? Because the more visible you make them, the more likely it is that they’ll annoy the user, and the entire purpose of your blog is to get people to spend quality time on the page. Adsense is a program that displays only those ads that are related to the domain the blog tackles with, so that you cannot complain about too large a number of irrelevant visitors.

Last, but not least, you can use the blog as part of an affiliate program, which involves promoting the products or services of a specific business. For instance if you’ve got a blog dealing with diving, you can very well turn into an affiliate for a company that sells diving equipment. The amount of money you are supposed to get is usually part of the individual agreement you sign with the other party, and it usually depends on how well you manage to use the blog to actually convince people to purchase one of the products. Friendly links, special discounts, promotions and e-news letters are all part of an affiliate campaign that could turn a simple blog into a great revenue generator.

Ngawur Kasintu

JUDUL di luhur mangarupa hiji babasan. Ari lengkepna mah kieu; “Ngawur kasintu nyieuhkeun hayam”.
Ngawur nyaéta malédog ku barang anu loba tapi wandana laleutik. Saperti keusik, tipung atawa taneuh ngebul. Ngawur didieu mah, lain harti nu sabenerna, tapi kecap injeuman, tina harti méré parab. Maraban hayam ku jagong atawa ku bangsal, biasana diawurkeun, kawas nyawér pangantén ku ngawur-ngawur béas pacampur konéng jeung duit récéh. Sawéran pangantén téh jero-jerona mah siloka, nyaéta papatah ti kolot ka pangantén anyar, sangkan dimana boga rizki kudu bisa ngawur nu séjén. Utamana mah fakir miskin. Tapi ieu papatah téh saukur dijarieun kabiasaan atawa budaya wungkul. Budaya karuhun nu kudu dimumulé, cenah. Digugulungna saukur samet cangkangna. Ari kana eusina mah nyaéta kudu jadi jalma béréhan téa, teu ieuh diperhatikeun. Éstu haré-haré baé.
Kasintu, osok disebut oge cangéhgar, nyaéta hayam leuweung. Wandana rada leutik. Babandingan jeung hayam katé. Awakna gépéng, buntutna lempay. Warna buluna konéng gading, saperti bulu meri. Kasintu, kacida linghas atawa girasna. Ma’lum teu kacoo ku manusa. Ari lain dibedil atawa dijaring mah moal ieuh bisa ditéwak, lumpatna tarik, tur bisa hiber. Geus puguh ari nu geus gedé mah hésé ditéwakna, tapi nu keur kumupu ogé sarua linghasna. Lumpatna nereleng kawas puyuh. Sulumpat-salimpet, jeung sulaman-sulumun kana rungkun, mani rikat pisan.
Lain kawas deui, kiwari mah geus pasti wawuhna kana kasintu téh saukur tina gambar atawa ngaranana wungkul. Lantaran tempat panonobanana di leuweung. Ari kiwari mah teu aya pitempateun anu bisa disebut leuweung. Sabab ari kangaranan leuweung mah kacida pisan remetna. Aareuyanana pajurawet, kitu deui tatangkalanana rékép, hésé pikeun ditorobosna. Istilah al-Quranna mah disebut Khorojan téa panginten. Kiwari mah teu aya anu kitu. Leuweung téh cararaang, tatangkalanana paaranggang balas digalaksak ku manusa. Nya cangéhgar ogé moal betaheun di tempat nu lénglang kitu mah.
Ari kana hayam mah moal aya nu bireuk. Tapi sanggeus nerekabna panyakit flu burung, cenah loba hayam anu katarajang salésma. Nasibna, kacida pinalangsaeunana. Hayam dibasmi, dipareuncitan, terus dihuru, kawas ngaduruk runtah. Bet asa humayua, teungteuingeun ari manusa. Bari tacan karuhan éta hayam téh nu népakeunana panyakit, saperti nu salila ieu dituduhkeun.
Cenah mah éta panyakit téh asalna ti luar nagri. Boa-boa ieu téh hiji taktik licik urang deungeun, utamana mah urang Amérika, sangkan dagangan hayam maranéhna bisa lancar, teu boga musuh. Kawasna upama henteu buru-buru distop mah, hayam asli di urang bakal tumpur. Jeung deui, dina cara ngabasmina bet jauh tina bagbagan agama. Sabab dina agama Islam mah teu meunang ngamubadirkeun rezeki. Apan hayam anu dipeuncit téh lain didahar. Demi anu resep ngamubadirkeun kana rezeki mah apan sobatna sétan, lin?
Tah pihartieun babasan di luhur ogé teu jauh ti kitu. Urang ngabasmi hayam milik urang, miara hayam milik deungeun. Hayam urang dijieun korban, hayam batur diparaban. Leuwih jauhna, ari urang asing diugung-ugung, dipupujuhkeun. Sabalikna ari rayat sorangan sina sangsara barongkéakan. Pék wé titénan, loba lahan garapan patani leutik jeung padumukan warga cacah kuricakan nu ragrag ka pangusaha jegud urang deungeun. Lahanna dijarieun tempat kaulinan manusa-manusa anu keur nyangking kakawasaan. Saperti lapang golf, sirkuit balap motor jeung mobil, vila jeung réa-réa deui.
Tempat panganjrekan rayat robah, jadi wangunan pabrik, kantor, gedong sigrong milik asing patingjalegir. Nu nganjrek di dinya sina nyingkir ka tepis wiring. Pasar rayat nu geus mangtaun-taun diparaké néangan rezeki pangupa jiwa kulawargana, disorobot ku pasar swalayan. Cenah mah diayakeun pasar swalayan, mal-malan, super market  pikeun mantuan padagang leutik. Tapi ari kabuktianana mah padagang anu teu boga modal mah wayahna wé kudu jicir, keun wangunan anu agréng mah kanggo jungjunan anu baroga duit. Entong nyalahkeun pamaréntah ari teu kabagéan téh, cenah. Naha maké jadi jalma miskin atuh! Antukna padagang émprakan atawa anu katelah padagang kaki lima (PKL) téa, lain ngurangan anggur kalah nambahan. Ci nyusu sisi gunung, anu biasa dipaké nyaian pasawahan jeung balong, ogé inumeun jeung ngaberesihan pakéan, kiwari geus dikawasa ku si toké. Dikocorkeun ka pabrik, diolah tur dijarieun cai mineral. Urang mah saukur lalajo, bari ngégél curuk. Upama hayang nginum mah meuli wé ka maranéhna.
Anyar-anyar ieu, pamaréntah geus ngaluarkeun Undang-Undang Penanaman Modal Asing. Di dinya aya aturan yén urang asing dibéré kasempatan pikeun ngawasa lahan garapan, boh pikeun tatanén atawa nyokot barang tambangna salila 65 taun. Sarta dibéré ombér deui salila 30 (tilu puluh) taun. Jumblah-jambléh maranéhna bisa kumawasa kana éta lahan salila 100 taun, kurang lima taun. Asa teu kuhanteu. Sarua wé jeung dijajah atuh. Iraha anak incu urang bisa ngagarapna éta lahan? Deudeuh teuing anaking, hidep saukur kabagéan cucuk jeung rorongkongna wungkul. Da dagingna mah ku bapa geus ledis, dipaké ngabayuan deungeun. ***

Nasib Roman Sunda Ngepop

URANG Sunda resep dongéng. Bukti nu tembresna mah dongéng via radio. Antara taun 1970-an nepi ka 1990-an dunya dongéng dina radio ngabetot perhatian nu ngabarandunganana. Harita mah réa pisan radio nu nyiarkeun acara dongéng. Di Bandung, upamana, Radio Sangkuriang, Radio Garuda, jeung Radio Shinta nu sok nyiarkeunana. Atawa di wewengkon Sumedang, aya Radio Jussan jeung Radio Duta.
Wa Kepoh jeung Rachmat Dipraja mangrupa ikon-na. Duanana kakolomkeun juru dongéng radio nu pangkawentarna. Sorana teu weléh dianti-anti. Nu matak hélok mah éstu teu kawatesanan ku umur deuih pikeun ngabandungan hébatna gaya ngadongéngna téh; kolot, budak, lalaki, awéwé. Karéréanana resep ngadaréngékeun dongéng radio, siga jaman kiwari lalajo sinétron. Tapi ari nu nulis caritana mah tara pati dipaliré, malah ampir kapopohokeun. Saperti Yat R, pangarang dongéng Si Rawing, anu kungsi ngageunjleungkeun tatar Sunda.
Carita-caritana mémang mataktak tibelat. Aya dongéng silat nu ngalalakonkeun para jawara reujeung élmu kadugalanana, saperti Si Buntung Jago Tutugan. Tokoh utamana, Andi, ngabogaan pakarang mangrupa haur konéng. Sedengkeun musuh kabuyutanana, Karna, boga ajian batu karang. Tangtu réa keneh carita-carita sejenna gé. Boh génre carita silat, mistéri, boh nu mangrupa romantika kahirupan. Modél Gumilar, Jaka Santang, Nurélah, Néng Élah, Ir. Mardi, jsté.
Tapi anu jarang kasungsi atawa kasebut-sebut téh nyaéta sumber-sumber lalakonna. Sihoréng dongéng-dongéng Sunda via radio téh aya gantar kakaitanana jeung pamedalan buku-buku roman pop Sunda dina mangsa 1960-1970-an. Harita mah buku-buku modél kitu loba nu pada mikaresep. Jumlahna nepi ka mangratus judul. Ditambah téh deuih tiap judulna gé ngurung hiji nepi ka sawatara puluh seri. Contona Waliwis Bodas (Tjaringin, 1969) karya S. Sukandar nu jumlahna 45 jilid. Atawa Si Buraong (Wargina, 1971) karya K. Soekarna nu jumlahna nepi ka 43 jilid. Buktina, tina situs-situs di internet kacatet, upamana pabukon Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) ngoleksi roman Sunda saeutikna 270-an judul. Ditambah deui, model, pabukon KITLV nu ngumpulkeun ratusan judul.
Nu narulisna gé réa deuih. Cara A. Roestandi nu nulis seri Andjar (Pusaka Sunda, 1967). Atawa A. Tolib nu ngarang Pusaka nu Ménta Wadal (Romanato, 1970). Atawa Juda Djaja jeung Djaka Tarum-na (Laksana, 1970). Ogé Tatang KS nu ngarang Rusiah Euis Marlinah (Wargina, 1969). Ngan tangtu wé nu fenomenal mah K. Soekarna jeung S. Sukandar. Duanana geus ngahasilkeun roman Sunda nu nepi ka kiwari masih dipikawanoh publik Sunda. K. Soekarna, upamana, kakoncara ku bukuna Sirod Djelema Gaib (Saputra, 1969). Ari S. Sukandar kawentar ku carita silatna Si Buntung Djago Tutugan (Tjaringin, 1969), nu remen jadi babon dongéng radio tur dijudulan sarua.
Di antara sakitu réana ngaran pangarang roman Sunda, aya sawatara pangarang nu sok maké sandiasma (ngaran samaran). Cara Koko, Juda Djaja, atawa Supermen. Ngaran asli Koko jeung Juda Djaja nyaéta M. O. Suratman, hiji kapten manten nu dumuk di Jalan Babakan Tarogong, Bandung.
Sedengkeun ngaran Supermén sihoréng sandiasmana S. Sukandar. Pang inyana maké éta ngaran sabab hiji mangsa basa inyana rék masrahkeun naskah ka pamedal, inyana poho neundeun naskahna nu digantelkeun dina Véspa. Tapi naskah horéng geus hiber aya nu ngarampidan, ti dinya pisan inyana mimiti maké ngaran Supermén.
Cek koropak pembaca (nu dimuat dina Sulit Ati Belang Bayah karya Wahyu Adam, 1972: 35-36) nepi ka taun 1972 aya sawatara pangarang nu masih aktif ngarang roman pop Sunda. Nyaéta Wahyu Adam, Ki Masram, Supermén, Juda Djaja, jeung Entang S. Maranéhna sok ngarumpul di Perpustakaan Anéka nu aya di Jalan Pagarsih No. 179A Bandung sarta diluluguan ku M. O. Suratman.
Tapi nepi ka kiwari, ceuk rasa mah tacan aya juru titén atawa kritikus nu nalungtik ngeunaan buku-buku modél kitu. Boh ngeunaan génre-na, kandungan sastra-na, boh pangaruhna ka masarakat Sunda. Pangaruhna perelu disebut sabab bisa jadi masarakat Sunda mah mikawanoh sastra Sunda téh asalna tina buku-buku roman pop téa. Walhasil, lain tina karya-karya nu jadi kanon sastra Sunda, saperti Baruang ka nu Ngarora (D.K. Ardiwinata), Mantri Jero (R. Memed Sastrahadiprawira), atawa Diarah Pati roman misteri karya Margasulaksana.
Nu jadi pasualan, kunaon pang nepi ka kajadian boom dina éra harita? Bisa jadi aya sawatara sabab. Di antarana, pungsi agén jeung taman bacaan nu jadi rawayan sumebarna roman pop Sunda, gedé pisan kontribusina. Buktina, mun seug pirajeunan niténan buku-buku roman pop téa, di jerona pasti sok aya gambaran ngeunaan agén nu ngadistribusikeun buku-bukuna. Salian ti éta, di jerona téh biasana sok aya ngaran-ngaran taman bacaan nu nyadiakeun buku-buku roman pop Sunda. Cara, keur pamedal Romanato jeung Sinar Wulan agénna téh Toko Buku Nasional Suka Asih nu aya di Jalan Rd. Dewi Sartika 1.H, Bandung. Jeung remen sok dibarengan ku ngaran jeung alamat taman bacaanna.
Bisa ogé tina jihat nu maracana. Nu maraca roman pop Sunda, bawirasa, lain jalma-jalma anu resep hal-ihwal ngeunaan kasusastraan. Atawa teu miduli: naha roman pop Sunda téh karya sastra atawa lain. Nu penting mah sigana asal ramé tur ngondang nguniangna rasa panasaran. Cindekna nu maraca roman pop Sunda mah jalma-jalma anu awam kana hal-ihwal kasusastraan.
Mungkin waé éta téh jadi sabab para kritikus sastra Sunda henteu nembongkeun katitén ku ayana éta roman-roman téa. Malah béh dituna nganggap yén taya mangpaat anu dipetik tina jalan macaan buku-buku samodél kitu. Sabab ceuk arinyana mah buku-buku nu pandena kitu téh ngan ngajarkeun kajumudan mikir jeung hal-hal anu cawokah. Padahal ceuk rasa mah, gagasan kritikus sastra Sunda nu milah-milah antara nu daria jeung pop nu jadi salah sahiji nu ngancurkeun tradisi roman pop Sunda.
Salian ti éta, bawirasa bédana antara sastra anu daria jeung sastra anu ngepop dina sastra Sunda mah ipis kacida. Malah rada hésé ngabédakeunana. Ogé sabenerna mah roman pop Sunda téh bisa dimangpaatkeun minangka média nu ngamumulé basa Sunda. Sabab justru ku roman pop, sastra Sunda ngaronjat popularitasna nepi ka masarakat réa nu pada mikaresep.
Ku kituna, kiwari sigana waktu nu mustari pikeun ngumpulkeun (sok sanajan leuir) sarta ngayakeun panalungtikan kana roman pop Sunda. Ku jalan kitu, éta téh sarua hartina jeung ngahargaan sumanget jeung kréatifitas para pangarang roman pop Sunda. Sabab kumaha baé ogé, roman-roman pop Sunda (sanajan salila ieu mah luput tina panitén para kritikus) geus ngilu ngeuyeuban sastra Sunda.***

Cai Buruk Milu Mijah

SASARINA mah ngojay téh tara ngajak motor. Ari dina peuting harita mah (23/04/06), kapaksa kudu ngojay bari nungtun motor. Kétang, da teu aya niat rék ngojay tadina mah. Biasa baé, rék nepungan si manéhna di wewengkon Dayeuhkolot. Najan hujan ngagebrét dibarung kilat patingburinyay tur dor-dar gelap matak kapiuhan jalma sawan, tapi pikeun kuring henteu jadi halangan. Geus kadung jangji, najan kudu ngayonan galura motah atawa unggah gunung, moal rék pugag léngkah pikeun nepungan si manéhna.
Bada Magrib, ngabiur ti Cibiru, nyorang Jalan Bypass nepi ka Cigéréléng. Tuluy méngkol ka kénca, Jln. Moch. Toha, bras ka wewengkon Palasari—anu ngahubungkeun Jl Moch Toha jeung Dayeuhkolot. Teu wudu rada hookeun ningali jalan anu ngadadak robah jadi balong.
“A, mending uih deui! Jero pisan…!” aya hiji lalaki mépélingan, basa nyaksian kuring anu tuluy nyebrut, meulah cai nu nguyumbang saparat jalan. Teu didéngé, angkanan téh geus pangalaman ieuh motor kuring mah, da ampir saban hujan, pasti ngaliwatan banjir cileuncang di Gedebagé. Palakiah mawa motor dina banjir mah gampil, kari panteng wé gasna. Sabab, manteng gas, hartina kenalpot ngaluarkeun angin. Sabalikna, lamun gas dikendoran, kenalpot nyedot angin. Puguh baé ana kaayanana banjir mah, anu kasedot téh lain angin, tapi cai. Ari motor kaasupan cai, nya tangtu bakal paéh.
Hanjakal pisan palakiah éta téh, henteu metu ngayonan banjir di wewengkon Palasari mah. Teu mangga pulia deui, motor téh paéh. Kilang kitu urang teu kudu hariwang, da motor mah najan paéh ogé, sok bisa hirup deui (conto séjén nu paéh bisa hirup deui). Taya deui jalan, iwal ti didorong, da piraku ari nu nyupiranna kudu milu paéh mah tangtu moal bisa hirup deui.
Jok motor ampir kakeueum. Kuring asa keur ngojay wé, ngan bédana harita mah bari nungtun motor téa. Sangkan henteu pati karasa capé, kuring ngabayangkeun anu keur dituungtun téh si manéhna anu keur diajar kokojayan bari maké baju ngojay. Tapi bangga diajak badamina imajinasi téh. Nu puguh mah haté ngocoblak, nyarékan laklak dasar ka manusa tukang ngaruksak alam, anu temahna matak balangsak masarakat. Sabab, kajadian banjir téh tangtu aya sabab-musababna. Buktina, di lembur kuring mah tara aya banjir, da kalumangsungan alam téh masih kapiara.

Lamun kaayaanana wanci beurang, kawasna bakal kaciri, yén cai anu ngeueum Palasari mah béda warnana, henteu sakadar coklat. Sabab, lain sakali-dua kali nyorang banjir cileuncang di wewengkon Palasari. Tong boro hujan ngagebrét, dalah hujan leutik ngaririncik ogé di wewengkon éta mah sok banjir cileuncang samet mumuncangan baé mah. Warna caina rupa-rupa, aya beureum, héjo, abu-abu, jsb. Boa-boa éta mah lain sabanjir-banjirna, siga limbah industri anu ngahaja dipiceun kalayan ngagunakeun kasempetan dina mangsana hujan.
Puguh deui ari walungan mah, saperti Citarum anu geus jadi pamiceunan limbah industri tina rébuan pabrik anu ngajajar sapanjang sisi walungan. Kangaranan cairan anu dipiceun ku pabrik, sajabana ti bau téh katambah ngandung zat racun anu ngabahayakeun (B3). Sanajan méméh dipiceun diolah heula ku IPAL (Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah) atawa water threathmen, tetep baé lain hiji jaminan cairan ti pabrik aman (komo anu henteu diolah heula). Tong boro bisa diinum, dipaké masak, atawa dipaké mandi, dalah dipaké kaperluan tatanén ogé moal bisa. Kilang kitu, ulah aya nu kumawani nyarék pabrik, da maranéhna mah apan geus nyepeng Surat Izin Pembuangan Limbah Cair (SIPLC). Ka hareupna, SIPLC téh alusna mah kudu meunang idin heula ti masarakat. Sabab, lamun Citarum henteu diurus baé, 76 héktar kacamatan Dayeuhkolot bakal salawasna jadi langganan banjir.
Ayeuna, sabada geus taya lolongkrang pikeun miceun limbah ka walungan, naha jalan raya ogé rék ‘dirékrut’ jadi pamiceunan? Deudeuh teuing urang Bandung, mani bangga rék leumpang-leumpang ogé. Lemah cai nu subur ma’mur téh kiwari mah tinggal susuluk. Solokan, walungan, tug nepi ka jalan raya, geus pinuh ku limbah industri. Pamaréntah ogé kawasna geus ngarasa weudeu ngaspal jalan di wewengkon Palasari, sabab tara kungsi awét. Rék awét kumaha, da ampir saban mangsa kakeueum cai buruk nu milu mijah (wewengkon éta, lain hiji-hijina tempat anu mindeng kakeueum ku cai buruk dina mangsana hujan). Ceuk sawangan, cai warna-warni anu mindeng mijah di jalan raya téh, asa piraku ari jolna ti sabangsaning limbah loték atawa bajigur mah, pamohalan kabina-bina.
“A, badé didorong?” aya budak leutik nyampeurkeun, kukucuprakan dina cai.
“Sok, dorong lah!” témbal téh. Budak leutik semu atoheun.
“Wios ku duaan, A?”
“Pék baé tiluan ogé…”
Tilu urang budak leutik katingali mani ocrak. Motor hiji didorong ku opatan, dibarung ku tingcikikik.
Aya kénéh seuri dina mangsa katarajang musibah alam. Sanajan rada bangga ngabédakeunana, naha éta seuri téh kaasup kana seuri maur, seuri konéng, atawa seuri nanahaon.
“Geus nyata karuksakan di darat jeung di laut dilantarankeun ku pagawéan leungeun-leungeun manusa, supaya Alloh ngarasakeun ka maranéhna sabagéan tina akibat pagawéanana, sangkan maranéhna mulang ka jalan anu bener.” (Q.S. Ar Rum: 41)***

Garut Baheula: Objek Wisata Jaman Baheula

Bung Karno kantos ngelingan supados urang teu hilap atanapi ngahilapkeun kana sajarah bangsana. Pangharepan ieu seringna mah kaluli-luli. Kaseuseueurannana, utamina nu aranom, kirang uninga kana sajarah budaya karuhunna. Hal kitu teh jalaran bewara ngeunaan sajarah nu ngungkabkeun budaya, sosial, politik sareng sajabina kirang pisan didugikeun ka maranehna para nonoman. Atanapi tiasa janten wae kaula muda jaman kiwari kirang malire kana sajarah karuhunna.
Diantawisna, ngeunaan sajarah sinareng kahirupan jaman baheula, kalebet kasuksesan atanapi kamajengannana dina rupi-rupi widang. Kalebet hal-hal nu aya patalina sareng kapariwisataan.  Sapertosna wae, kabupaten Garut, geuningan kantos di jaman baheula mah ngagaduhan pamor sinareng posisi nu kalintang moyanna ka mancanagara di Eropah.
Pribados kantos mukaan sababaraha bacaan ngeunaan kabupaten Garut. Aya sababaraha hal penting nu ngahaja ku pribados dikutip anu sakintenna cocok sareng ieu judul artikel. Hasil kokoreh pribados tadi, nya kapidangkeun ringkesanana dina ieu artikel, utamina ngeunaan objek sareng kagiatan wisata jaman baheula atanapi dina pajamanan Garut Tempo Dulu.
Jaman walanda kapungkur, aya hiji ungkapan kakaguman utamina ti para turist jaman baheula dina awal abad ka 20, nyeta mooi Garut. Ieu ungkapan kakaguman teh sami sareng ungkapan mooi Indie. Mooi Garut hartosna Garut nu elok. Ieu pujian di jaman kolonial Walanda teh taya sanes ekspressi kakaguman marantenna urang asing utamina para turis Eropah, rehna Garut teh geuning pinuh ku pamandangan alam nu kalintang arendahna.
Sohorna Garut waktos harita, sanes bae jalaran ku kasuburan taneuhna wungkul, nanging oge ku kaendahan panorama alamna, matak pikabetaheun. Seueur urang Eropah nu kumecrek kapincut sareng kataji, maruji kana kaendahan kota Garut sareng sabudereunnana. Dugi ka Garut kenging julukan Swiss van Yava. Satingkat sareng julukan kanggo kota Bandung kapungkur nu kasebat Parijs van Java.
Seueurna wisatawan nu pelesiran ka daerah Garut, ngawitan katingal dina awal abad ka 20. Seueur pisan urang Eropah utamina urang Walanda nu waktos harita nuju ngajajah Indonesia, ngahajakeun ngadongdon ka daerah Garut, saatosna pelesiran ka kota Bandung alias Parijs va Java. Seueurna para wisatawan teh sakawitna mah diluluguan ku ayana paguyuban di kota Bandung nu disebat Bandung Vooruit, hiji paguyuban nu kalintang gandrung sinareng kasengsremna ku kagiatan pariwisata di kota Bandung.  
Seueur jargon-jargon nu diciptakeun sareng sumebar kamana mendi mancanagara ku alpukahna ieu paguyuban. Sapertosna bae Bandung disebat salaku Parijs van Java nu hartosna Parisna Jawa. Alatan eta, seueur wisatawan asing nu katarik nyumpingan Bandung, hoyong nyakseni kana sagala kamonesan sinareng kaendahan alam kota Bandung. Pating hingar-bingarna bewara kapariwisataan ieu, nya sumebar ka daerah Garut. Sanes bae alatan teu patos jauh jarakna ti kota Bandung, nanging oge tos pada aruninga rehna Garut teh ngagaduhan daya tarik kaendahan panorama nu langkung pinunjul batan kota Bandung.
Sanaos waktos harita mah ngarupikeun kota alit, nanging Garut kagungan daya tarik sanesna sababaraha objek wisata sapertos: Situ Bagendit, Cipanas, Ngamplang, sareng kawah Papandayan. Oge kaayaan kota Garut kalintang raresikna. Di unggal simpangan jalan teu weleh aya patamanan endah pikeun pangistirahatan para wisatawan. Jalan-jalan di kota kalintang bersihna tandaning aya upaya piaraan nu saestu. Waktos harita nu jumeneng bupatina teh  nyaeta Adipati Soeria Karta Legawa nu nyepeng kalungguhan ti tahun 1915 dugi ka 1929. Mantenna teh taya sanes putuna Panghulu Garut, R.H. Moehammad Moesa.
Ti waktos harita pisan kota Garut kasohorna ka mancanagara ampir ka sabeulaheun dunya. Dugi ka kenging julukan Swiss van Java, atanapi Swisna Jawa. Malihan aya pamadegan, tacan sampurna pelesirannana saupami turis nu sumping ka kota Bandung henteu dilajengkeun ka kota Garut. Ku alpukahna paguyuban Bandung Vooruit, Garut dijantenkeun daerah kunjungan nu ngarupikeun paket wisata kanu bade arangkat ka kota Bandung, otomatis kedah teras dilajengkeun ka kota Garut.
Ku alatan eta, dina waktos harita di kota Garut oge disaluareun kota, lajeng diadegkeun sababaraha hotel wisata mewah kelas hiji nu baris nampi para wisatawan. Diantawisna nu kasohor waktos harita nyaeta Hotel Papandayan, Villa Dolce, Belvedere, sareng Hotel Van Hengel. Disaluareun kota Garut aya Hotel Sanatorium Ngamplang, Hotel Bagendit, sareng Hotel Villa Pauline di Cisurupan.
Sajabina pelesiran di tempat-tempat wisata, para turis tiasa oge mendakan hiburan nu rada nangtang sapertos moro sasatoan di leuweung nu hara-haraeun katarajang manusa alias masih leuweung geledegan. Sasatoan nu tiasa di buru diantawisna bae aya bagong, banteng, uncal, oge maung sareng buaya. Hal-hal eta pisan nu ngajantenkeun Garut langkung sohor sinareng tiasa ngirut para wisatawan. Nu mawi ti ngawitan harita pisan kota Garut katelah Garut Pangirutan.
Babasan eta teh sanes wungkul basa basi namung leres-leres kota Garut ngagaduhan pamikat atanapi daya tarik pikeun para inohong ti Eropah. Sapertos Charlie Chaplin artis film nu sohor ti Hollywood nu waktos harita kamashur pisan, mantenna ngahaja sumping ka Garut dina tahun 1928.
Waktos harita, kota Garut tos nincak dina masa kaemasan, jalaran seueur pisan didarongkapan ku para turis luar nagri. Garut dijantenkeun hiji tempat pikeun gempungan para inohong dunya. Suasana kitu kantos diabadikeun ku S. Ahmad Abdullah Assegaf dina buku novelna nu kasohor Fatat Garut (Mojang Garut) nu kantos terbit dina tahun 1929 diserat dina basa Arab.
Kiwari, sesebatan Mooi Garut mung kantun waasna. Di jaman revolusi, Garut kantos ngalaman kahancuran, kalebet objek-obek wisatana. Tos seueur pisan upaya reka perdaya nu kantos diusahakeun kanggo mulangkeun deui pamor kota Garut salaku kota Wisata nu kungsi sohor di saantero dunya. Nanging bawiraos kitu, kajayaan Garut salaku pangirutan para wisatawan, dugi ka kiwari tacan ngawujud. Garut Tempo Dulu masih tebih tina harepan, malahan mung saukur panineungan.

Lagu Ceurik Dina Tembang

Ari kabisa ngan ceurik
Deukeut deuleu pondok lengkah
Da puguh abdi awewe
Seueur karisi karempan
Kana sagala halangan
Mungguhing pangjak napsu
Tara reujeung kira kira
( Pupuh Asmarandana dina lagu Ceurik Oma/Jemplang Serang )

            AYA sabaraha judul lagu,anu make kecap ceurik, dina lalaguan tembang Sunda.Diantarana lagu Budak Ceurik, Ceurik Rahwana,jeung Ceurik Oma.Tangtu meureun aya keneh lagu ceurik ceurik nu sejenna,tapi beunang disebutkeun teu pati popiler saperti anu disebutkeun di luhur.Saprak nyaho kana eta lagu,mimitina mah biasa biasa  bae. Kana lagu Budak Ceurik, kabawa resep, pedah harita bebene sok  ngagalindengkeun lagu eta. Kana lagu Ceurik Oma, pedah karasa adu manisna rumpaka jeung lagu teh, karasa aworna.Sedeng kana lagu Ceurik Rahwana,nenggang sok ditembangkeunana leuwih anteb ku lalaki.Tapi sabada dititenan,eta lalaguan teh karasa aya sabaraha hal anu narik,pangpangna dina komposisi lagu,judul,rumpakajeung kasang tukang panginditanana.

Budak Ceurik.
            Lagu Budak Ceurik, biasa dipake dina lagu panambih.Larasna pelog,patokan tabeuh keur mirig eta lagu lamun ceuk tiori karawitan mah,kulu kulu patet loloran.Iramana sawilet kendor,atawa dua wilet gancang.Kenonganana ragrag kana sora 3(na),jeung goonganana ragrag kana sora 5(la). Aya oge patokan saperti kieu teh nu nyebut lalayaran. Eta patokan tabeuh teh beunang disebutkeun rada langka dipake, boh dina lagu kawih gamelan boh dina panambih tembang.Lamun nitenan kenongan laguna, sarua jeung pirigan lagu sekar manis. (waktu mimiti diajar eta lagu di Kokar di awal taun genep puluhan,lagu sekar manis teh dina laras pelog/degung,ayeuna mah dina laras madenda/sorog.) Sanajan kitu patokan laguna mah angger sarua,kana sora 3(na) jeung kana sora 5 (la).)
            Sabagian rumpaka Budak Ceurik teh diantarana :/Hiji wengi keur sumedeng sepi jempling/ kantos abdi balilihan sasambat ka nu Kagungan.jst. Sigana, di lingkungan para panembang, teu ngamasalahkeun hubungan antara rumpaka jeung judul eta lagu,da meureun ti beh dituna ge geus kitu.Tapi keur kuring sorangan,tetep we asa ngahudang pananya,sabab antara judul jeung rumpakana,karasa aya nu teu nyambung. Mana komo waktu eta lagu make dialokan ku sisindiran kuma suling, suling teh ngan silung bae mah, asa beuki jauh pisan.Ku sabab panasaran tea, ngahaja   kuring tatanya ka tokoh tembang, diantarana Mang Endang Suryana,jeung Kang Ace Hasan Sueb. Ku katerangan dua tokoh ieu, intina mah ampir sarua, yen nu disebut lagu Budak Ceurik (ayeuna ) teh mangrupa lagu olahan anyar, tina lagu nu geus aya (sampakan). Ceuk Mang Endang Suryana, lagu Budak Ceurik teh baheula mah iramana teh gancang, dina alokna sok make rumpaka:/Ema,ema  kuring lapar, ema,ema hayang dahar. Asa pas,ceuk hate.
            Ceuk Kang Ace,eta lagu nyokot tina lagu degung Langensari.Malah cenah Ma Ito di Garut dina taun 1938,sok biasa nembangkeun eta lagu,anu boh judul, boh eusi rumpakana aya kasinambungan.Sedengkeun rumpaka nu ayeuna,eta teh kenging Kang RAF, (Rahmatulah Ading Afandi), sakira taun genep puluhan.Lamun ngahubungkeun katerangan Mang Endang,yen lagu Budak Ceurik teh sok dipake alok ku para pamirig tembang (minangka lagu ektrana) dina awal taun tilu puluhan, terus upaya Mang Parmis (juru kacapi) anu ti taun 1937 ngolah lagu ektra (panambih) nu asalna make irama gancang jadi kendor (dua wilet gancang), jadi kaharti kasang tukangna robahna lagu Budak Ceurik, saperti nu ayeuna. Nu jadi masalah teh, naha saba da robah wiletan, robah rumpaka, judulna angger bae. Da beda atuh kasusna, upama dibandingkeun jeung patokan tabeuh/lagu saperti Kulu-Kulu, atawa senggot,anu oge sok dipake dina panambih tembang ayeuna.

Ceurik Oma

            Nilik kana komposisina,genah lagu ceurik Oma teh.Barang ditanyakeun ka Kang Ace, cenah eta lagu teh olahan Mang Uce,salah saurang juru pantun ti Cianjur.Nu jadi masalah dina lagu Ceurik Oma,lain komposisi laguna jeung rumpakana,tapi justru Mang Uce na salaku juru pantun. Di mana mana nu kasebut tukang pantun, rata-rata datang ti lingkungan rayat biasa. Sikepna ka para menak, geus bisa kabaca, pasti hormat tilawat. Mana komo di lingkungan tembang Sunda mah,anu dina pagelaranana sering dipayunan ku para menak nu sarwa lemes budi sareng basana. Naha judulna bet Ceurik Oma? Naha  henteu tangis Juag Oma,upamana.Karasana asa  rada kasar,ku kecap dina judul eta teh. Atawa memang Mang Uce mah bisa diiwalkeun ku sabab teu ningali,jadi teu kudu aya sikep hormat tilawat ka menak.Mun tea mah analisa eta ge salah,meureun kuring bisa mere gambaran yen pribadi Mang Uce geus moderat.Dina seni mah taya cacah taya menak. Soal judul,rek lemes rek kasar,eta mah kumaha kuring bae.Mun tea mah deuih enya kitu, naha atuh nu sejenna mah henteu kitu? Tapi barang eta lagu teh dirobah judulna jadi jemplang Serang,kuring jadi boga panyangka,moal kitu dirobahna teh ku sabab karasa kasar kanggo menak.Ujaring carita,Oma teh rakyat biasa,anu dijantenkeun istri  ku Aom Ogoh.Oma dinyenyeri ku Aom, ti samemeh carogena dijenengkeun janten bupati Serang.
            Bet kabeneran dina buku Seni Swara Sunda yasana Mang Koko sareng P.Nata Prawira anu dikaluarkeun taun 1961, bet aya serat kanayagan lagu Jemplang Serang. Hanjakal waktu Mang Koko jumeneng keneh, kuring teu sempet naroskeun ka anjeunna, padahal ceuk pikiran (ayeuna) hal ieu teh rada narik. Maksud teh, upami Mang Koko ngawasa lagu pupuh atawa lagu tembang Ciawian,eta mah kuring apal pisan, da anjeunna ge sok ngobrol.Moal kitu ti ramana, da cenah ramana ge kapungkur kantos resep mamaos tur kenging kongkurs dina acara  tembang Sunda (Cianjuran)?

Ceurik Rahwana.
            Patanyaan mimiti,ti iraha jeung saha nu ngasupkeun ceurik Rahwana kana tembang? Ceuk Kang Ace mah, cenah tuan Abdulah urang Arab, ti Cicendo Bandung. Sedeng Pa Apung S Wiratmaja, gaduh panyangka nu  mimiti make (ngasupkeun) lagu eta kana tembang, mimitina ti Menir Muda (Holil). Sigana perlu dipaluruh deui leuwih gemet, naha muda urang Arab resep kana wayang jeung kana tembang? Atawa naha enya bener Menir nu mimitina ngasupkeun kana tembang? Nu dimaksud tembang teh tangtu we lain tembang Cianjuran saperti ayeuna.Beh ditu lingkungan rakyat ge ngagarap lagu lagu tembang, ngan beda dina mirigna, luhurna surupan,jeung gaya/wanda mamanisna. Diantara lalaguan tembang anu harita sok dibawakeun, saperti lagu Sinom Satria, Setra, Eros, Udan Mas, Pamuradan, jrrd.
Keun ku kitu. Nu jadi masalah teh, rek diasupkeun kana naon lagu Ceurik Rahwana dina tembang Sunda ayeuna? Naon sababna. Sabab   lagu Ceurik  Rahwana, biasa digelarna teh dina wanda tembangna, lain dina bagian lagu panambihna.
Geus pada terang, pangaruh kakawen wayang kana tembang napak dina lagu lagu sebrakan, anu nyoko tina bagian kakawenna. (malah saterusna aya nu ngasupkeun kana wanda kakawen,misah ti wanda nu sejenna)
            Lamun ditengetan, jelas jelas beda, yen Ceurik Rahwana mah  lain tina lagu kakawen. Struktur lagu Ceurik Rahwana, loba metik tina lagam nyarita Rahwana anu dipirig ku gamelan. Sebut we ngalagu biantara. Tokoh tokoh wayang nu   nyaritana biasa sok dicampur ku cara dilagukeun, diantarana Semar, Dursasana, Narada, Sangkuni. Bedana ari tokoh Rahwana, Semar, jeung Dursasana mah dina patet barang laras madenda/sorog,sedengkeun tokoh Narada jeung Sangkuni,biasana dina patet manyuro,dina laras salendro.
            Kabeh dieunakeun lagu Ceurik Rahwana dina kliningan,sok disebut oge Banondari.Malah Nyi Mas Saodah mah ku ngaganti rumpakana wungkul, jadi weh lagu Ceurik Anjani.
            Ceuk kuring mah,wanda lagu ceurik Rahwana atawa Banondari,atawa Ceurik Anjani,dina tembang, karasana nenggang pisan tina wanda wanda nu geus aya.(Rarancagan, papantunan, jejemplangan jeung dedegungan )
            Nu matak ahengna, lagu anu leuwih popiler disebut Banondari dina kliningan (pangpangna jaipongan/bajidoran), kakara ayeuna ayeuna bae popiler jeung dipikaresepna ku lingkungan masarakatna teh.Jadi cindekna, narekabna teh malah saenggeus diangkat dina tembang Sunda.
            Lagu-lagu dina gamelan, nu sok biasa dipake dina tembang,pangpangna  tina lagu lagu  rerenggongan (renggong gede,atawa renggong alit), geus teu jadi masalah, sabab ditempatkeunana dina bagian lagu panambih. Karasana jadi tambah anteb, jeung leuwih muni ku raehan, sabab tembang mah leubeut ku mamanis.(dongkari)
Ieu tulisan bisa jadi teu pati ilahar diguar di lingkungan tembang,da nu sok  dibahas teh rereana nyindekel kana masalah sajarah, filosofi, atawa rumpaka/guguritanana bae. Harepan teh, sugan bae ka hareup mah ku para ahli tembang, diguar oge masalah karawitanana, atawa komposisi laguna. Sigana geus waktuna di lingkungan tembang sunda, mimiti loba ngaguar komposisi laguna. Mana komo kapan geus loba para sarjana karawitan anu nyokot tema ulikanana dina widang Tembang Sunda.

Pasir Hariring, awal juni 2005

Momok Ngeunah

MOHON tidak berburuk sangka dulu, saya tidak berniat menulis seputar pornografi. Sengaja saya tulis dalam bahasa Indonésia, karena kata “momok” dalam bahasa Indonésia tidak porno, berbéda dengan “momok” dalam bahasa Sunda, terlebih ditambah kata “ngeunah”.

Ini adalah sekelumit pengalaman seorang sahabat,  Julian Milie, seorang dosen di Monash University, Australia. Pada tahun 2007,  ia datang ke Indonésia untuk menulis atau mentranskrip ceramah-ceramah da’i kondang , KH. A.F. Ghazali (alm). Dan kita tahu bahwa ceramah KH. A.F. Ghazali menggunakan bahasa Sunda. Jadi, Julian tidak cukup hanya belajar bahasa Indonésia, melainkan wajib mempelajari bahasa Sunda. Untuk itu, ia bekerja keras belajar bahasa Sunda kepada orang-orang yang ia kenal, seperti Kang Hawe Setiawan, Pak Dédé Kosasih, Dadan Sutisna, Atép Kurnia, dsb. Ia sangat gigih mempelajari bahasa Sunda, sehingga sering berkunjung ke Jurusan Pensatrada UPI, redaksi Majalah Cupumanik, dsb.

Yang saya ingat, Julian itu sangat merakyat. Ia mau bergaul dengan siapa saja yang mau diajak bersahabat. Selain itu, ia cukup humoris dan yang tidak saya lupakan adalah keteguhannya dalam memegang prinsip. Sebagai contoh yang merupakan catatan penting, Julian sangat setia kepada istrinya. Ia tidak pernah tertarik kepada wanita secantik apapun meski sekedar untuk iseng-iseng. Ya, Julian tidak cunihin seperti Miftahul Malik atau Agus Bebeng misalnya.

Pada suatu hari, Julian mampir ke sebuah warung. Ia memperhatikan semua makanan yang ada di warung tersebut sambil terkadang melihat catatan yang selalu dibawanya. Ada satu makanan yang ia tidak tahu namanya. Kemudian, Julian bertanya, “Pa, punten upami éta naon namina? (Pak, maaf kalau itu apa namanya?)” begitu tanya Julian seraya mengeluarkan pulpen, seperti biasa mencatat kata-kata baru dalam bahasa Sunda.

“Oh… éta mah momok ngeunah…” jawab tukang warung dengan serius, tanpa tertawa sedikit pun.

“Momok ngeunah…” gumam Julian sambil mencatatnya.

Setiba di rumah, Julian langsung membuka kamus, mencari-cari kata “Momok Ngeunah”. Berulang kali kamus dibaca dengan teliti, tetapi tidak ia temukan kata “momok”. Kemudian ia mencari kata “ngeunah”. Dan  kata “ngeunah” dengan mudah dapat ditemukan di dalam kamus. (Ngeunah= énak, nikmat). Jadi, pikirnya, memang nyambung karena yang ditanyakannya sejenis makanan. Kalau makanan dinamakan “énak” ya tentu sangat pantas. Tapi… kata “momok” itu yang sulit dicari, sehingga menjadi beban pikiran Julian saat itu.

Terdorong oleh rasa penasaran, Julian langsung menuju kampus UPI Bandung, dan menuju ruangan Jurusan Pensatrada. Di sana ada Pak Dédé Kosasih, beberapa orang dosen, dan kabarnya ada juga profésor. Para dosén menyambut Julian dengan ramah dan bersahabat, karena hampir semuanya sudah menganali Julian.

“Tos dugi kamana diajar basa Sunda téh? Tos aya kamajengan? (Sudah sampai mana belajar bahasa Sundanya? Sudah ada kemajuan?)” demikian kata seorang dosen.

“Atos sakedik-sakedik, nanging aya nu teu acan ngartos… (sudah sedikit-sedikit, tapi ada yang belum mengerti)” jawab Julian.

“Naon anu teu ngartosna? (apa yang tidak mengerti?)”

“Dupi momok ngeunah naon nya? (kalau momok ngeunah itu apa ya?)?” tanya Julian dengan polosnya. Hening sesaat, tak ada yang menjawab. Julian mengerutkan kening, tetapi untungnya  Pak Dédé Kosasih langsung mengajak Julian ke ruangan lain, tentu sambil menahan tawa.

“Saya kan sudah bilang, hati-hati kalau menanyakan bahasa Sunda ke sembarang orang. Karena orang Sunda itu terkadang ada yang suka bercanda…” demikian kata Pak Dédé. Mémang sebelumnya Pak Dédé telah memperingatkan Julian agar berhati-hati. Dan kini, kekhawatiran Pak Dédé menjadi kenyataan.

“Mémang artinya apa?” tanya Julian.

Pak Dédé mendekat, dan membisikan arti kata “momok ngeunah” kepada Julian. Seketika wajah Julian memérah, kesal kepada tukang warung, malu, pingin tertawa, berkecamuk dalam dada. Apalagi teringat bahwa di ruangan dosén Pensatrada, ada beberapa orang dosén wanita.


Dakpapo… Cuma sekelumit romantika prosés belajar bahasa Sunda. Kini, Julian sudah pasih berbahasa Sunda, disaat orang Sunda sendiri banyak yang merasa tidak penting mempelajari bahasa Sunda. Nanti kalau bahasa Sunda dicaplok Malaysia, baru semuanya bakal ribut.

Julian telah berhasil membuat sebuah buku kumpulan ceramah KH. A.F. Ghazali, yang ia transkrip dari kasét-kasét KH. A.F Ghazali, kemudian diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris. Buku tersebut diberi judul The People’s Religion The Sermons of A.F. Ghazali, diterbitkan oleh CUPUMANIK. Buku tersebut ditulis dalam dua bahasa, yaitu Sunda dan Inggris.

Ketika saya menuliskan pengalaman mengunjungi Ibu A.F Ghazali bersama Julian (17 Désémber 2007) di http://galuh-purba.com, banyak koméntar di situs tersebut dan juga SMS ke nomor HP saya, yang isinya menanyakan bagaimana mencari kasét-kasét KH. AF. Ghazali, karena berniat mau mentranskrip cerama-ceramahnya. Saya hanya tersenyum membaca kalimat “berniat akan mentranskrip”. Baru berniat. Sementara Julian yang jauh-jauh dari Australia sudah melakukannya, dan bahkan sudah dibukukan. Kalau tidak percaya, silahkan beli bukunya di Warung Buku Cupumanik, Jl. Taman Kliningan II No. 5, Bandung, Tlp: (022) 7310625. Bagi yang di luar Bandung, bisa juga pesan melalui situs http://galuh-purba.com.***

21 November 2009

Milarian Duit tina Pesbuk

Naha enya pesbuk tiasa ngahasilkeun duit ? ? /
Matak hemeng ngadanguna ge, asa piraku ! Da gening biasana ge pesbuk diangge curhat. Aya nu kapidangdam kapicangcam, kotret kana pesbuk ( abege biasana mah, tapi kolotna ge sarua), aya nu keur humaregung (keur gering wae kutrat-kotret), aya nu ngalengis pedah teu meunang wae kabogoh (padahal tiap waktu update status jeung komen ka batur, komo kanu herang mah), aya nu ngajerit teu gableg duit (sim kuring eta mah).
Tuluykeun kitu ??
Tos ah cape seueur teuing mun dirinci hiji-hiji mah, boa beuki jauh tina inti masalah!
Maksad kuring mah da bade ngenalkeun aplikasi pesbuk nu ngahasilkeun duit! naon cing ?
Zinga poker? 
Lain !
Mafia War ?
Meureun, tapi da lain eta!
Naon ateuh ? 
Bisi panjang teuing wang singket we !
aplikasina namina Paypal Wishlist !
Euleuh-euleuh naon tea cenah ieu teh ?
bilih hoyong terang mangga tah klik 
Keheula mangga diaosna dugi ka tamat! eta aplikasi teh meryogikeun paypal akun supados duit hasil usaha urang tiasa dicandak, jadi urang kedah ngagaduhan heula akun di paypal! Tong salempang paypal ayeuna tos aya persi indonesiana, jadi tiasa diangge ku urang-urang. Kanggo daptarna mangga tah didieu .
Duh abdi mah teu terang carana ngadaptar di paypal !
Tenang baraya, mangga klik didieu kanggo cara-carana ngadaptar!
Tah saterasna mah wilujeng nyobian, mudah-mudahan dilancarkeun !

13 November 2009

Ngaduruk Duit

Pasualan ngaroko teh sabenerna geus mindeng dibahas ti baheula keneh. Geus loba nu negeskeun mudaratna udud. Aya nu nitenan tina sisi kasehatan. Aya oge nu masualkeun tina segi ekonomi.
Meh sataun ka tukang, DKI Jakarta boga aturan nu ngalarang wargana ngaroko di tempat umum. Nu ngalanggar baris didengda 50 juta. Tapi geuning kitu we, haneut mimitina wungkul. Ka dituna mah teu ieuh dipirosea aturan teh. Tingkelepus we di mana-mana, bari jeung teu ieuh dikukumaha ku petugas ge.
Prof. Quraish Shihab kungsi netelakeun pamadeganana yen ngaroko teh geus deukeut-deukeut kana haram. Malah di sababaraha hiji nagara mah, roko teh geus difatwakeun haram. Tapi masing kitu, MUI tacan sapuk kana pamadegan eta. Aranjeuna masih keneh nalungtik mudarat sejen lamun aya fatwa haram di Indonesia.
Di milis tasik, minggu ka tukang, Kang Ahmad Yasa ngintun sababaraha hijisurelek ngeunaan ngaroko, bahayana ngaroko, oge obat atawa jurus naon nu bisa dipake supaya bisa eureun ngaroko. Saperti biasa, dina surelek nu eusina bahaya ngaroko, Kang Geni mairan:
Matakna sebel urang mah ku ayana pabrik roko teh, da mun seug teu ditewak ku pulisi mah diduruk tah pabrikna. Tah kusabab rek ngaduruk pabrik roko mah ngalanggar hukum pamarentah, keun we dicicil ngaduruk pabrik rokona, sabatang-sabatang :)
Kuring ngahahah. Tapi jadi ras inget kana dongeng ti pun bapa. Kajadian baheula keur usum gorombolan. Dongeng ieu ge ku kuring dialungkeun ka milis.
Pun bapa kagungan emang, Mang Wirya. Nya meureun kuring mah nyebutna teh Aki Wirya, almarhum. Anjeuna teh resep pisan kana nyesep. Nya kitu we kawas Kang Geni, hehe. Mung ari rakana mah, Aki Adi almarhum, henteu. Teu weleh Ki Adi teh sok mapatahan ka Ki Wirya kana bahayana ngaroko. “Sajaba ngaruksak kasehatan, ngaroko teh matak meakeun pakaya!” kitu biasana pok-pokanana teh. Atawa, “Wirya, mun eta
duit jang meuli roko teh dikumpulkeun, bisa leuwih gede manpaatna!”
Tapi Ki Wirya teu gedag kaanginan, teu unggut kalinduan, maju terus pantang mundur. Angger we ngelepus.
Keur ngabuktikeun ucapanana, Ki Adi ngahalkeun ngempelkeun artos unggal dinten saageung artos nu dikaluarkeun ku Ki Wirya jang meser roko
unggal dintenna.
Sabada sababaraha taun, artos kenging kekempel teh tos lumayan. ku Ki Adi dijeujeuhkeun kana bumi. “Tuh, Wirya, duit nu ku maneh didurukan
unggal poe teh, ku Akang mah bisa dipake jang meuli imah!”
Ki Wirya ukur nyengir, “Enya nya, Kang.”
Sababaraha poe ti harita, datang gorombolan. Desa diubrak-abrik. Imah didaruruk, kaasup bumi Ki Adi. Ludes teu aya sesana.
Komentar Ki Wirya, “Matak ge Kang, ulah disakalikeun atuh ngadurukna, sok kalah handeueul. Siga abdi geura, ngadurukna hiji-hiji, ditungtut, moal handeueul teuing.”
Antara sedih jeung hayang seuri nguping dongeng eta teh. Pikasebeleun nya, boga adi teh.

Dongeng Tulang Maung

poé ieu, aing, sakadang kuya keur rungsing. imah sacangkéwok di salah sahiji juru leuwi goong ngadadak bayeungyang. séjén ti biasana, teuing kunaon. biasana sanajan poé mentrang mentring, panonpoé keur meumeujeuhna morérét, cai di lingkungan leuwi goong tetep nyecep. teuing pedah tangkal caringin, tangkal badag terakhir nu ajeg sisi wahangan kamari dituar ku anak buah gan juha. jalema nu pernah kadéngé boga hph di ieu leuweung. jadi panon poe geus teu kahalangan ngabanjurkeun panas kana cai leuwi. media nu pangbisana nyimpen panas.
ngeunaan ngaran gan juha. baheula waktu keur moyan luhureun batu tengah leuwi, pernah ngadéngé dua paninggaran ngawangkong sanggeus balik moro, peuting saméméhna. obrolan luh lah. cenah ayeuna beuki hésé moro téh, sasatoan teuing jig kamana. maranéhna téh los wé ka nyalahkeun juragan juha nu boga hph téa.
geus ah urang balik deui ka jejer dongéng ieu. ngawadul waé mah bisi kasebut ghibah.
beuki beurang beuki rungsing. ras inget ka kisobat. sasarina rebun-rebun geus nyampeur. poé ieu mah teu embol-embol, teuing kamana. euweuh rigig taya ringkang. biasana teu lila sanggeus aing nguniang ti enggon, geus gogorowokan ti sisi leuwi.
"sakadang kuya!? silaing aya euy?" kitu biasana salam si éta mah.
paling ukur dijawab, "kuk!, aya!"
bari haroréam, keteyep nyampeurkeun. maklum masih lulungu. sobat uing nu ieu mémang sok tara nyaho dimangsa.
ah meureun pundung, sanggeus kamari kajadian cau-gaté, cék pikir. geus biasa si éta mah. lamun keur paséa sok pundung. keun anteupkeun, biasana geu tara lila. kalakuan kituna mémang geus remen kajadian. saacan cau-gaté ieu. pernah pundung gara-gara goong kabuyutan. gara-gara melak céngék. jeung gara-gara lianna. asa rada poho mun kudu disebutkeun hiji-hiji mah.
geus ah aing gé males kudu mikiran manéhna waé mah. tibatan rungsing mending jalan-jalan ka urut leuweung nya. disebut urut leuweung téh pédah wé geus teu canéom deui ayeuna mah, tangkal geus coréngcang. sugan panggih jeung manéhna. mun henteu gé jeung sobat nu lianna, sakadang peucang. geus lila teu ngobrol. loba pulunganeun biasana mah. sanggeus ngobrol jeung manéhna sok ngadadak trik-trik anyar mucunghul.
euh lain nu diharepkeun, lain nu katémbong. dihareup, ditengah jajalaneun geus ngajogo si raja leuweung atah adol, maung! lamun ningali rérétna mah kadatangan aing geus kanyahoan. jadi geus élat lamun hayang ngejat. males sabenerna mah papanggih jeung manéhna. lain ku nanaon sok asa aing pisan, raja leuweung. padahal mah sebutan kitu cék bangsana gan juha wungkul. terus di klaim ku manéhna. enya ukur klaim, da sapanjang sajarah ieu leuweung can pernah diayakeun pemilihan umum pikeun milih raja. éh naha enya raja dipilih dina pemilu kitu? hi hi hi teuing ah. nu penting mah aing tetep teu ngaku manéhna raja.
kapaksa, horéam-horéam gé terus ngeteyep. ngaléngkah antaré. laun pisan. hi hi hi enya da aing mah teu bisa gancang. jadi lain ku ati-atina ieu mah. ku bakat. bari lempang bari mikiran naon pilakueun lamun si éta macem-macem.
geus deukeut, geleger manéhna nanya, "lakadalah, rék kamana kuy? kabeneran silaing datang, déwék keur lapar yeuh. ti isuk can manggih sasarap".
yéy si kéhéd, cékna haté. asal engab pisan. abong huntu rangéténg, ménta dahar sangeunahna. ah urang gawéan siah.
"ah biasa wé ung, jalan-jalan ngaleupaskeun karungsing. miceun pipikiran pakusut. sugan meunang ilham nu lempeng", cekéng sangeunahna.
"tah pan kabeneran cék déwék gé tadi. kabeneran silaing rungsing. kabeneran déwék boga ubarna. rungsing silaing leungit. déwék meunang ganjel beuteung. adil pan?"
adil-adil tai ucing siah.
"nya seug wé atuh ari matak ngeunah ka didinya mah. kuring ridho. ngan cék guru, awak kuring mah teu kuat di duruk", kabeneran di leuweung ieu mah satona tara dahar daging atah, kabudayaan geus maju jiga manusa.
"beu, teu percaya déwék mah. can manggih ajian nu bisa nahan panasna seuneu. pernah ngadéngé gé mukjijat bogana nabi Alloh, ibrohim nu teu teurak waktu diduruk ku raja namrudz. sedeng mahluk biasa mah asa can aya. cangcaya déwék mah."
"hih, éta kumaha didinya wé. rék percaya rék henteu".
"geus lah ayeuna mah yu urang néangan lemah nu rada lega sangkan seuneuna teu ngaléntab kamamana. urang buktikeun naha silaing bisa didahar ku déwék atawa henteu."
"nya seug atuh."
bring duaan, aing digiring ku manéhna néangan lemah nu rada lega. pura-pura pasrah, pura-pura sadrah. enya da lamun kudu ngalawan ku kakuatan fisik mah asa pamohalan. éléh gedé éléh tanaga. rék lumpat, karuh éta mah pang teu bisana. ayeuna mah kari pakuat-kuat otak wé.
teu lila néangan lapang. da puguh leuweung kari tegalan. kai gedéna ukur ngari. tinggal rungkun kiara, palingan.
ditengah tegalan maung nyieun lombang. geus réngsé. aing dititah cicing ditengahna. manéhna ngabugbrugan ku kai. nu kabeneran pasoléngkrah loba, sésa dahan tangkal panuaran. kacida garingna. usum kapat keur meumeujeuhna panas. abong lamun teu lila sanggeus sut di sundut, langsung ngagedur jadi seuneu nguntab-nguntab. rada gimir ogé mun mikir kabeulah dinya mah. reugreug sotéh pedah boga trik nu cék rarasaan mah, sampurna.
suluh beuki numpuk. ngagunung jigana mah, da karasa beuki beurat nindihan awak. nya ayeuna yeuh trik kudu dilaksanakeun. bisi leuir teuing.
seuneu ngagulidag (hihihi jiga banjir nya?) silalatu rabeng nambahan panas panonpoé. langit teu riuk-riuk, ningalikeun kalakuan sakadang maung nandasa sakadang kuya. rada lila seuneu ngagayeum suluh, najan enya gé garing kacida, sanget pisan malah, tapi ari ku loba mah keukeuh wé kudu lila. komo ieu najan maung cangcaya kana élmu kuya, tetep jaga-jaga bisi enya. kuya dibeuleum nepi ka ruhak panungtungan jadi lebu. keun wé cénah rada génghék gé tinimbang kuya hirup kénéh.
seuneu geus pareum pisan. tinggal angin nu rabul, milu cucurak. ngadahar lebu nu numpuk. biur arindit deui. ningalkeun maung nu olohok ningali aya nu kukurumuyan kaluar tina jero lombang. kagét ningali awak kuya masih beleger. teu cécél teu bocél teu lécét-lécét acan.
"hébat kuy, bener geuningan silaing boga élmu rohaka. élmu meruhkeun panasna seuneu", cék maung. ayeuna dangongna teu songong. semu-semu ajrih ka sakadang kuya. cék pamikirna kuya ieu sakti yeuh. jigana teu seuneu waé jagona téh. sihung gé moal metu kana awak kuya.
"ah biasa wé éta mah. diajarna gé gampang kacida", cekéng mimiti ngirabkeun kecrik keur ditebar.
"ah maenya, jigana lila nu kitu mah, perlu tirakat nu lila, matigenina gé meureun leuwih ti opat puluh poé opat puluh peuting", maung mimiti asup kana bubu.
"teu, teu hese teusing, tinggal apalkeun jangjawokan wungkul".
"maenya? cing atuh kuy, béjaan déwék bag-baganna?", panon maung katingali meredih. kecrik geus ngarungkup.
"ah embung, maenya kudu méré jangjawokan sakti ka mahluk nu tadi rék ngahakan", api-api. supaya kecrik leuwih ngajiret. lauk geus moal bisa hojah deui.
"plis kuy, hampura wé kalakuan déwék nu tadi. éta mah bawaning ku lapar pisan. teu nempo nu dihareupan mahluk manggulang mangguling sakti euweuh tanding", heu heu heu ngolo siah. bisaan.
"hmmmmm…", leungeun sidakep. jiga nu mikir. padahal haté mah geus surak titatadi. lakadalah jadi yeuh males dendam.
"plis….", maung beuki meredih.
"heug atuh ari kitu mah, apalkeun yeuh jangjawokanna:
trang-trang koléntrang,
si londok paéh nundutan,
tikusruk kana durukan,
mesat gobang kabuyutan
", (lagu sakainget wé nya).
"ukur sakitu kuy?".
"enya sakitu gampang pan?".
"his ieu mah lain gampang deui, gampil pisan. tapi bener sakitu? jadi cangcaya".
"ih ari didinya! pan geus neuleu buktina tadi! kudu dibuktikeun kumaha deui atuh!", cekéng pura-pura kasigeung.
"tong ngambek atuh kuy. déwék percaya ayeuna mah. mun jangjawokan ukur sakitu, ayeuna déwék geus apal. ngan asa hayang ngabuktikeun sorangan euy. kumaha?"
"nya sok atuh ari geus wani mah"
awak maung geus nyangkorah, ngaringkuk jero lombang. lombang meunang nyieun manéhna sorangan. da aing embung kudu mangnyieunkeun mah. alesanna téh cekéng maenya awak sagedé kieu kudu nyieun lombang keur awak manéhna nu sakitu halughugna.
teu poho awakna dibebed ditalian. hasil ogé, ngolo manéhna sangkan daék. dibohongan. sangkan mun karasa panas saeutik teu kabur. cekéng téh lamun nu mimiti sok rada ngahéab kénéh.
suluhna ge geus numpuk di sisi lombang. mun dibandingkeun jeung tumpukan runtah di bandung jigana mah sababad. géséh gedé saeutik. ogé meunang ngumpulkeun manéhna.
saeutik-saetik suluh diasupkeun ka jero lombang. geus bérés. gur dihurungkeun.
"ung, geura baca jangjangwokanna", cekéng.
"siap kuy", cénah. kadenge manehna norolang maca jangjawokan ti aing tadi. enya apal. seuneu beuki ngabebela. gedé jauh leuwih ti nu tadi jigana mah.
"sakadang maung kumaha?".
"enya euy kuy rada panas geuning".
"biasa éta mah", hate ngagakgak. katipu siah ontohod.
unggal sapaparapat jam ditanya. ngan jawabanna beuki lila beuki laun. nu ahirna jep teu nyoara deui. lila-lila seuneu pareum. tinggal ruhak nu burahay. ditungguan nepi ka kari lebu. geus kitu mah dikoréhan ku rokrak. goréhél sakadang maung tinggal tulang.
teu riuk riuk sedih ningali batur saleuweung kari bugang. kari tangkorék bodas. teu, teu pisan pisan ngarasa dosa. nu aya gumbira bisa males hutang!
ningali tulang suku maung jorojoy meunang ideu. ujug-ujug gelik sora saksoponna keni g dina tembang forever in love, ditéma gelikna suling dipirig jentréng kacapi dina mamaos kembang tanjung. hih da atuh enya paporit aing mah sagala nu ditiup. lagu paporit gé pan balonku ada lima.
cék pikir alus jigana mah. antik. boga suling tina tulang maung. ngan barang dicoba ngaliangan teuas kacida.
abong poé ieu keur kaurugan untung. geleber aya bangbara hideung. lakadalah, bisa yeuh jigana mah dipéntaan tulung. nya terus dicalukan.
"sakadang bangbara, kuring bisa ménta tulung teu? kitu gé mun didinya salsé".
geleber bangbara ngadeukeutan. teup eunteup dina tangkal jukut deukeuteun.
"kabeneran kuy, kuring keur salsé. aya naon kitu, sok atuh omongkeun aya kasusah mah. sugan bisa nulung", cénah soméah. sorana ngahiung.
"ieu ra, kuring boga tulang maung. hayang nyieun suling. bisa teu pangliangankeun. hiji liang di dieu. lima deui deui beulah dieu, dieu, dieu, dieu jeung dieu".
bener keur untung jigana mah. teu kudu hésé ménta. nya ngunggg diliangan bangbara, sapaménta. teu lila da geus biasa. keudeung gé réngsé. liang geus jadi sagenep-genep. aing ngan bisa males ku kecap nuhun. bangbara narima. ber deui manéhna hiber.
ngan basa hiberna geus jauh. asa kaingetan tungtung tulang pan pongpet duanana. rek ngagorowok asa moal kadéngéeun. barina ge asana mah liangna nu hiji deui mah teu buleud. dasar keur untung. kadéngé sora toroktok manuk caladi. nya dijugjug. katempo manéhna keur ngaliangan tangkal ki hujan pikeun sayang.
"sakadang caladi meunang ngaganggu sakeudeung?", cekéng ngawanikeun manéh.
caladi reg eureun heula. pokna nanya, "aya naon sakadang kuya?"
"kuring boga tulang maung, hayang nyieun suling. liangna mah geus dijieunkeun ku bangbara, ngan liang paranti niup can dijieun, tungtung tulang nu hiji deui masih pongpét. meunang pangnoktrokeun sangkan liangan?"
sakali deui, dasar keur untung! cék caladi, "hih ari ukur sakitu mah asa moal kaganggu pagawéan kuring, cing kadieukeun tulangna".
teu kungsi lila. suling tulang maung geus jadi. aing nganuhunkeun ka sakadang caladi. gandeuang lempang deui. senang ayeuna mah suling geus jadi. kari nyieun suliwer. gampang tinggal nyiar awi. tuh geunig belah ditu aya awi tali. awi alus keur nyieun suliwer.
geus jadi nyoba dipecakan. pel liang tungtung suling ditapelkeun. puhhh ditiup. gelik soraan, nga didéngé-déngé geuning can ngawirahma. jigana mah kudu disetém heula yeuh. masih sumbang. saha deui nya nu bisa dipenta tulung.
(kusabab kuring-dh- teu nyaho dirupa sireupeun jeung teu apal cangkem naon ari dipasieup, urang kira-kira wé kieu.)
deui-deui sakali deui, dasar keur untung. panggih jeung sakadang sireupeun. nu jago nyetém sarupaning waditra musik. manéhna ogé jiga nu séjén teu hésé nedunan paménta. suling geus dipasieup (disetém). dicobaan. suling geus teu silung deui. sajajalan hahariringan nyiptakeun lagu. sok, diasupkeun kana sora suling kieu laguna téh:
trét trot trét trot
suling aing tulang maung
diliangan ku bangbara
ditoktrokan ku caladi
dipasieup ku sireupeun
torotot torotot héooongggggggg…

sajajalan mawakeun lagu éta terus. euweuh kabosen. jiga budak nu karék dibéré momobilan ku bapana. can rusak mah moal waka eureun. keur anteng. ari gurayang, ari kadéngé cekrah cekroh. euh ki sobat yeuh….. batur gelut. (dh)